Autism Explained to Children
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Jocelyne TARDIF
 - Corne de Brume
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Autism is one of the best-known ''pervasive developmental disorders'', caracterized by impairments in social interaction, impairment in verbal and non-verbal communication, and a restrictive, stereotypic pattern of behaviour.

The integration of an autistic child in a peer group can give rise to questions, reactions and concerns. Autistic children often have difficulty expressing themselves, and understanding and developing relationships with others. They can in some ways be compared to a television with a broken antenna, giving out a picture that is blurry and hard to interpret. The ''difference'' is tangible; here is a tool to help children better understand it. 

Collection : Prendre le Vent
Lieu d'édition : Saint-Hubert
Année de publication : 2005
Nombre de pages : 12
Langue :
  • Anglais
Clientèle : Enfants
ISBN 13 : 978-2-923322-02-5
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